A fresh ice cream can taste great on a hot day. We prefer to make our ice creams ourselves. That's not only great to do together, but that way you know exactly which ingredients are in your ice creams.

This time we opted for matcha ice creams with white chocolate and hazelnuts. I probably don't have to explain that the flavors of matcha and chocolate go well together.

The freshness of the matcha in combination with the creaminess of the chocolate and the crunchy bite of the hazelnuts is simply delicious.

What do you need for these matcha ice creams?

  • 500 grams Greek yogurt with honey (you can also add the honey separately of course)
  • 2 teaspoons of matcha powder
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 100 grams white chocolate in pieces. Would you rather replace the white chocolate with dark chocolate? That is of course also possible
  • 2 teaspoons chopped hazelnuts

The preperation:

  1. Mix the Greek yogurt, matcha powder and vanilla extract well.
  2. Take a number of molds and divide the mixture over the molds. Optional: you can also stick an ice cream stick in it, or eat the ice cream straight from a bowl.
  3. Leave the popsicles in the freezer for at least 6 hours.
  4. Before serving, melt the white chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl, which you place over a pan of gently simmering water. Make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water. Stir the chocolate until melted and then set aside.
  5. Take the ice cream molds out of the freezer and hold them under cold water for a few seconds, until you can remove the ice cream molds from the molds. Then use a spoon to drizzle melted chocolate over the popsicles. For the finishing touch, add some chopped nuts.

Do you make these ice creams yourself? I can't wait to see your photos appear on social media with the hashtag #joyofmatcha. Enjoy it!

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