Matcha tea, much stronger than green tea

A while ago, “No More Diets” author and health guru Sandra Bekkari posted that she drinks a cup of matcha tea every morning. Even in her cookbooks, the matcha powder is on the menu every day. With good reason. This Japanese green matcha tea is packed with health benefits and gives you energy for hours, leaving you more time for yourself. However, not all matcha tea you buy is the same.

Buying guide - this is how you buy the best matcha tea

You can buy matcha in some supermarkets and online in Belgium and the Netherlands. However, do not expect that the matcha tea you buy in Delhaize, Kruidvat or Jumbo is of the same quality as in a specialty store such as Joy or Matcha. To help you choose the best matcha, we have prepared a matcha buying guide.

Real matcha only comes from Japan, otherwise you just buy green tea powder. The better matcha has an umami taste (also called delicious taste) and is very smooth and creamy. Also pay attention to the color when you buy matcha powder, it should be fresh, bright green. Finally, matcha is very expensive due to the labour-intensive cultivation and production process. For 30 grams you pay between 25-35 euros. Everything cheaper is of much lower quality and often tastes very bitter. Provided you don't need much, a jar of matcha will easily last you 30 days.

Order matcha online and take advantage of countless benefits

Buy your matcha tea at Joy of Matcha and rest assured that you are getting the best matcha straight from Japan. If you're just starting to experiment with matcha, order a luxury Matcha Starter Set. Already more familiar with the green powder? Then choose the affordable matcha duo-pack. All kinds of cool matcha accessories are also for sale at Joy of Matcha.

Matcha FAQ

How do I prepare matcha?

Put 1 teaspoon (½ gram) of matcha powder in a bowl. Add 60-90ml water at 80°C. Beat the whole with the bamboo beater in a fast W-motion until a creamy foam layer is formed.

Where can I buy matcha?

You can buy good matcha in specialized tea shops or easily online at Joy of Matcha.

What does matcha tea taste like?

Good matcha has a smooth, creamy umami taste. Some claim it has a light spinach aftertaste. Lower quality matcha has a bitter taste.

Does Sandra Bekkari drink matcha tea?

Yes, Sandra Bekkari drinks a matcha tea every morning. She also promotes it herself in her sample menus in the “No More Diets” books.