Do you have trouble getting out of bed yourself? Or do you always need a lot of coffee to wake up? And do you keep yawning all day long? Then read on quickly!

Discover why you are always so tired and how to solve this.

Most common causes of fatigue

We all feel exhausted at times. This can be for several reasons. Often this fatigue is harmless, but sometimes it can point to a bigger problem. Before you know how to deal with fatigue, you need to know its causes.

I will first list the most common causes of fatigue.

1. Trouble sleeping

Lying awake: we all experience that once. But there are also sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, for example, where breathing stops for a few seconds. This creates different breathing pauses during sleep. People with sleep apnea snore loudly and wake up frequently.

Other sleeping problems include, for example, trouble in the legs or disruption of the biological clock. All things that make you sleep less well.

Sleep problems are often viewed as the main cause of fatigue, but a sleep study often reveals other reasons. Sleep problems are certainly not the only cause of fatigue.

2. An iron deficiency

Iron is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It is essential for making hemoglobin. This ensures the transport of oxygen in the body. An iron deficiency can therefore lead to fatigue.

An iron deficiency often leads to anemia. This means that there are not enough red blood cells present. Symptoms of anemia include dizziness, pale face, headache, and fatigue. It is best to have this examined by your doctor.

3. Mental problems: depression, panic attacks, disorders

Did you know that most of fatigue is due to psychological problems? According to Professor Elie Cogan of the Erasmus hospital in Brussels, about 80% of fatigue is caused by psychological problems. Only 20% have another reason.

Psychological problems are, for example, depression, panic attacks or disorders. Unfortunately, there is still some taboo around mental health problems. People who suffer from this do not easily go to their doctor. While a psychological change can really help to combat that fatigue.

4. Not enough exercise

It is common knowledge that many people exercise too little. You come home tired from a hard day at work and then you don't feel like moving. So you postpone sports and exercise.

Actually a bad excuse... Research has shown that regular exercise helps against fatigue. It gives you a real energy boost!

A 2016 study shows that even 15 minutes of exercise a day is enough . They studied two groups of adults who exercise for 15 minutes a day. This showed that exercise has numerous positive effects on health. So move more!

5. Chronic fatigue syndrome

Ever heard of CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

People who suffer from this are often inexplicably tired, even with the smallest efforts. In addition to physical exertion, it is also usually more difficult to perform mentally.

The cause of CFS is not yet known, which of course makes it difficult to treat.

6. Other causes

There are many other causes:

  • Heart and lung diseases can be the cause of fatigue. Patients who suffer from shortness of breath, heart failure or other conditions will also often feel tired.
  • Viral and bacterial infections. In the event of an infection, the body will react to the presence of that bacteria. This can cause fatigue.
  • For metabolic problems such as diabetes and serious illnesses such as cancer.
  • Unhealthy food: it is generally known that saturated fats and sugar, for example, are not healthy. Eating the wrong foods can make you tired.

7 tips that really work for more energy

In certain cases, the causes of fatigue are therefore simple. Think, for example, of a lack of sleep, too little exercise or the wrong diet.

Today I'm sharing 7 tips that really help to get more energy. You can apply this yourself at home. These tips don't help? Then be sure to visit your doctor. It is possible that your fatigue has a deeper cause, such as an illness.

1. Ban sugar from your life

As mentioned earlier, poor nutrition can cause fatigue. Poor nutrition contains very few nutrients, so you don't eat a balanced diet. For example, think of sugar and saturated fats.

For example, someone who eats fast food every day will feel tired much faster. Just think of the documentary Super Size Me . In this, Morgan Spurlock eats a lot of fast food for 30 days. The result? He felt depressed at regular times.

2. Drink more water

Our body consists mostly of water. It is therefore very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Tip: put a glass of water next to you on your desk, so you don't forget to drink.

3. Drink a cup of matcha every day

This is the healthiest tea. Do you know that one cup of matcha contains as many antioxidants as 10 cups of green tea? The good ingredients ensure that you get an energy boost for up to 5 hours! In addition, it also stimulates your immune system and improves concentration and mood. Drinking matcha certainly helps against fatigue.

4. Move more

As mentioned above, a study shows that 15 minutes of exercise a day already helps. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. During breaks, also go outside a bit more and stretch your legs.

5. Deal with stress

Fatigue is often linked to stress. This exhausts you and takes a toll on your body. Are you also taking on too much work? Do you feel stressed and tired? Then the cause may be stress. Yoga, mindfulness and sports are good for reducing stress. Learn how to eliminate stress from your life through certain exercises. For example, you can do breathing exercises.

6. Stop looking at your cell phone or computer screen before bedtime

This is a classic. The blue light disrupts the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This will make you fall asleep less quickly.

7. Ensure a good work-life balance

Also get a divorce. For example, don't answer emails in bed, because the bedroom is the place you should link to sleep.

Apply these tips and you will undoubtedly feel much better! Of course, it doesn't necessarily work for everyone. If these tips don't work, your fatigue has another cause. Then be sure to visit your doctor.

Solutions for fatigue with a deeper reason

If the above tips do not help, then your fatigue has another cause.

You cannot find out the cause yourself, so it is best to go to the doctor first. The doctor will ask you some questions so that he has a better understanding of the situation.

If the doctor considers it necessary, he will refer you to a clinical examination. In addition to this examination, other tests can also be performed. Consider, for example, a blood test.

The results will show what the cause is and a treatment can be proposed. Depending on the cause, the doctor can suggest several things:

  • In case of an iron deficiency (anemia), supplements can be taken. One can also eat iron-rich foods such as beans and lean meats.
  • A CPAP device can be recommended for sleep apnea, which keeps the airways open. Sleep apnea can also be a result of smoking or being overweight.
  • In some cases, medications are prescribed.

Of course, there are plenty of other solutions, depending on the cause.


We are all tired sometimes. Fatigue can also have different causes, both harmless and serious.

With certain tips you can get more energy yourself. For example, drink a cup of matcha tea every day and eat healthy. A healthy lifestyle is the first step to combat fatigue.

However, these tips will not help in certain cases! Your fatigue may have a serious cause. Then be sure to visit your GP, who will refer you for a sleep study after a consultation.

This way you can find out the cause of your fatigue and live fit and with lots of energy again!


Heel goede tips! Hartelijk dank. Heb juist mijn doosjes Joy of matcha ontvangen via Drink het dagelijks en voel mij er heel goed bij!!

— Elisabeth Verhoeven