Forget organic ginger tea, latte macchiatos with almond milk and even green tea. The “new kid on the block” is Matcha tea .

Unlike most teas, matcha tea is made by first steaming the tea leaves and then slowly grinding them into a bright green powder that you dissolve in hot water.

Matcha is much more powerful than green tea. It contains 137x more antioxidants than green tea, along with vitamin A and vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron and protein.

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Not for nothing that BVs like Cameron Diaz, Dr. Oz (from the TV show of the same name) and Amanda Siegfried promote this healthy drink. Recently, the famous actress Ashley Olsen was spotted with a cup of matcha tea after she came from the gym in the morning.

DJ Chelsey Layland also gets her energy from a daily cup of matcha, even after playing DJ sets all night long. Her friends even call her "The Matcha Lady," she told the NYPost in an interview.

And Jani Kazaltzis also recommends Matcha as the most powerful and healthiest energy drink you can drink. Where coffee gives you a short energy shot, matcha has the nice property of providing you with an optimal energy and concentration level for 3-5 hours.

Would you like to discover the wonderful properties of Matcha tea yourself? We have a nice Luxury Matcha Tea set that contains everything to start, or you can just order a pot of Matcha tea .