How many cups of tea do you drink per day? And do you choose tea bags or loose tea?

If you walk past the tea racks of the supermarket, you will mainly encounter packaging with tea bags. Logical, because according to many people it is much easier than canned tea.

Although these bags are really often used, I personally am not a fan of them. Loose tea is usually of better quality and it is also much healthier than tea in bags.

The quality of tea

Tea culture has a long history, taking us back to China and Japan. In the beginning, some loose tea leaves were used to make tea, it is only later that tea bags came to the market.

Loose tea samples

Both loose and bagged tea come from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. The difference arises during the sorting and production process. During sorting, the larger leaves are separated from the small leaves. Then the tea is classified by class: you have leaf tea (complete leaves), brokens (coarse pieces), fannings and dust (these are the smallest pieces.

Fannings and dust are used for the tea bags. The smaller the leaf, the faster the aroma is released and that is why this tea is used in bags, so that you can quickly make a cup of tea. Unfortunately, this tea contains few healthy substances, because the leaves are damaged and the substances are lost during the process. Especially the tea bags that you find in the supermarket often contain the lowest grade of tea.

Loose tea uses leaf tea and brokens. These leaves are intact and undergo a lot less processing, so they contain more healthy substances.

Benefits of loose leaf tea

Loose tea is therefore of better quality and it is healthier than tea bags. Because it undergoes less processing, it contains a higher content of antioxidants, these particles protect the body against free radicals (harmful substances associated with cancer and other diseases). So if you drink loose tea you get much more healthy substances.

But there are a number of other advantages:

  1. Loose tea is usually much more durable. Did you know that tea bags often contain chemical components and other residues such as staples and glue? If your tea bags are attached to the cord with a staple, you absolutely cannot throw this in with organic waste. Note: there are also brands that have biodegradable tea bags, which are good for the environment.
  2. If your tea bags contain chemical ingredients, ask yourself what it does to your cup of tea. Such substances dissolve easily in water, which can therefore be bad for your health.
  3. You can reuse loose tea several times. In the real tea ceremonies, the same leaves are brewed several times and the taste of certain teas even improves after a number of brewings.

Loose tea a lot of hassle? Not with the right accessories

Many people choose tea bags because it is easier. You boil water and hang a tea bag in your favorite cup. Agreed, it's easy, but using loose leaf tea is actually really not difficult. You just need the right accessories and then it becomes child's play.

Cup on the go

Do you like to take your tea to work? This is possible with our bamboo tea cup . This thermos cup contains double-walled stainless steel so that all your drinks stay warm for an extra long time (at least 8 hours) or ice cold (minimum 10 hours). The tea cup contains a removable tea filter and does not leak because it contains a rubber sealing ring. This way you can enjoy tasty drinks all day long!

Bamboo whisk and bamboo spoon for matcha

In addition to regular green tea, you can also opt for matcha. Did you know that one cup of matcha contains as many nutrients as ten cups of regular green tea? For the perfect cup of matcha, use a bamboo whisk and spoon . You use the spoon to measure exactly how much matcha you need, and you use the beater to create a nice foam layer.

One last tip: do you want to enjoy the best cup of tea? To optimally preserve the taste, store loose tea in a sealed jar in a dark place. Tea is sensitive to moisture, air and light. This way you can enjoy your favorite tea for a long time! Our matcha is also in a sealed can so that the good nutrients are not lost.

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