Protein, isn't that just for athletes? Absolutely not, that is still often thought, but actually that is a wrong thought.

Did you know that proteins are crucial for your body?

They are important building blocks because your muscles, tendons and even your hair consist of proteins.

Proteins (proteins) not only ensure a healthy body, they also give you a feeling of satiety for a long time. This is one of the reasons why many diet brands sell protein shakes or powders.

But those proteins don't just fit into a diet, they also fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

I didn't go for a classic protein latte this time, but I made a protein cafe latte with matcha . A healthy latte that will give you hours of energy!

Protein shake latte

What do you need?

  • Half a scoop of protein powder (12.5 grams). Choose plant-based protein powder, which you can find in many health food stores
  • 175 ml almond milk or another kind of vegetable milk
  • 75ml Espresso
  • One teaspoon of the Golden Matcha
  • Optional: an extra pinch of cinnamon

How are you?

Simple: put all the ingredients (except the coffee) in the blender and mix. Then pour the hot coffee through your mixture and stir well.

Ideal as a healthy start to your day! The proteins ensure that you already have the right substances at breakfast.

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