The past few days there was a lot to do: the food triangle. The old one had been around for a long time and was now being overhauled. The new places plant-based and pure food above animal and processed products. It was predictable that this new food triangle would cause quite a stir.

After 20 years time for something new

Last week , the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living (VIGeZ) unveiled the renewed food triangle and a shock wave went through Belgium. Exactly 20 years after the first food triangle saw life, it was reviewed. While every television chef or health guru of any name is celebrating, the food industry is complaining bitterly.

What immediately stands out? The food triangle was literally and figuratively turned upside down. The foods are no longer ranked according to the nutrients they provide, but according to their effect on health. Many foods that used to be together are now pulled apart.

For the Flemish television chefs and food gurus it already feels like a victory. Pascale Naessens has already indicated that he is extremely satisfied with the new triangle. “I think the success of my books has contributed to this new model. I find my vision perfectly in this food triangle”, we quote her. Jeroen Meeus and Sandra Bekkari soon joined in as well.

Nutrition triangle

Definitely avoid

Quite a number of foods were also specifically branded as harmful to health. Soft drinks, processed meats such as salami and filet de sax, alcohol and other processed foods are placed in a red sphere next to the triangle. Naturally, this put the butchers in the defense. Given the increasing popularity of vegan food and the commotion around the slaughterhouses, it has been more difficult for them recently.

What is quickly noticed is that the less processed the foods, the more important they are considered.

As much fruit and vegetables as possible 

Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and vegetable oil reside in the highest regions. The advice of the VIGeZ? Eat these as much as possible, because you get the greatest health benefit from them. Supplementing with a limited number of products of animal origin from the light green zone is possible. Think of fish, poultry, dairy and egg. The guideline you can stick to is: the less processed, the better.

Red meat and butter are presented a lot less favorably than in the previous food triangle. Taking a thorough look at this triangle and adjusting your diet therefore seems appropriate.

No more room for the food industry

The VIGeZ already emphasizes that they did not take any chances when compiling the triangle. Many experts were consulted. If we are to believe the rumors, unlike when compiling the previous food triangle, the lobbying of the food industry was not taken into account.

Matcha belongs in the top

100% natural green tea, without additives and full of antioxidants and vitamins. Without a doubt you can place matcha in the highest regions, if not at the very tip of the renewed food triangle.

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