Did you know that matcha also has many benefits for your skin? So you can't just use it in recipes! Use matcha powder to make your own beauty products such as a body scrub . Today I will share with you how to make your own body scrub, and why this should not be missing in your bathroom.

Why use body scrub?

Your skin contains a lot of dead skin cells. That layer of dead skin cells offers protection against harmful external influences. Problems only arise when your layer of dead skin cells becomes too thick, because that has these negative consequences:

  1. Your skin becomes dull and loses its glow.
  2. Your skin care products can no longer penetrate your skin properly.

That is why a body scrub is a product that should not be missing in your bathroom. It ensures that all your dead skin cells are removed, making your skin smooth and soft!

Scrubbing is done 1 to 2 times a week, certainly not more frequently. This also applies to scrubbing: everything is allowed in moderation.

Why a matcha-based body scrub?

Matcha has so many benefits for your body and health, as well as for your skin. This is due to the unique composition of matcha powder:

  • It's packed with antioxidants . These substances protect your skin against free radicals, which are harmful invaders that can damage your cells. As a result, you also protect your skin against premature skin aging (since skin aging is often caused by these free radicals, because they also affect the skin cells).
  • Furthermore, matcha also has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect . Ideal when you suffer from blemishes and inflammation.
  • Matcha contains a lot of vitamins that nourish, repair and protect your skin.

How do you make your own body scrub with matcha?


  • 2 teaspoons matcha powder (Note: the quality is extremely important, since only the best matcha has many benefits for your skin. Read here how you can recognize the quality .)
  • 50 grams of dead sea salt
  • 50 grams coconut oil (melted)
  • 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • Filtered water, if necessary


  1. Mix the matcha powder with the salt in a bowl. Then add the drops of essential oil and the coconut oil. Mix everything well. Is the mixture too thick? Then you can add some filtered water.
  2. Use an airtight container to store the scrub.

And then scrub! Gently massage your skin with the scrub and enjoy a silky soft skin!

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