Are you an avid coffee drinker and can't do without your cup in the morning? Belgium (and also the Netherlands) is a real coffee country. We usually start our working day with a cup of coffee. Having a chat with colleagues around the coffee machine at work in the morning is part of the job for many.

Everyone knows the benefits of coffee, but drinking matcha is still a little less known, certainly in the workplace. Unjustified, because the green powder is super healthy, tasty and makes you incredibly productive.

In recent years, we have seen that many health experts and important chefs (including Sandra Bekkari) drink a cup of matcha every day. Popularity is also increasing in trendy coffee bars, where you can regularly spot a matcha latte on the menu.

But why should you drink a cup of matcha every day?

Today I give you 8 reasons why you should put that daily cup of coffee aside for a delicious cup of matcha tea .

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Important health benefits of matcha

  1. Suffering from bad coffee breath in the morning? With matcha you don't have that problem, because it provides fresh breath! In addition, it is better for your teeth because it does not discolour your teeth, unlike coffee.

  2. Matcha contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but it still provides an energy boost for about 6 hours. By the way, you don't suffer from a slump afterwards, which is a disadvantage with coffee. After drinking coffee you first reach a peak and not much later you end up in a dip when the caffeine has worn off.

  3. Do you suffer from palpitations after drinking coffee or do you feel rushed? You don't have that with matcha either, because the green powder contains the substance L-theanine. This substance has a calming effect, as shown by scientific research . It ensures that you become calm without making you drowsy.

  4. The calming effect of matcha is also good for your ability to concentrate. You can focus better and that is why it is the ideal drink at times when you have to perform.

  5. Did you know that matcha is full of antioxidants? It contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. If we look at the nutritional values, 1 cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. The choice is then made quickly, right? These antioxidants protect our body against free radicals, which are harmful particles that can cause cancer and other diseases.

    It has been scientifically proven that matcha contains much more antioxidants than fruits or vegetables. Matcha contains 1573 ORAC units (antioxidants) per gram. Blueberries only 93 units per gram, which immediately shows how healthy matcha is.

  6. Matcha is also good for your immune system. It is a source of magnesium, chromium, zinc, selenium and vitamin C. These substances help to strengthen your immune system. Ideal if you feel a cold coming on during the cold autumn and winter months.

Matcha vs Coffee

Comparison of nutritional values

If we compare the nutritional values ​​of coffee and matcha, we also see remarkable differences. Matcha contains so many healthy substances and in that area it is the absolute winner! Even avid coffee drinkers cannot deny that.

Especially the amount of antioxidants, amino acids, catechins and fibers make matcha tea a miracle drink.

Nutritional value



ORAC (antioxidants)

0 units

1573 units

Amino acids (important building blocks for our body)















Vitamin C



Vitamin A






Quantity per cup

Another advantage is the amount you need per cup. You only need very little powder for 1 cup of matcha tea. You can weigh the right amount with our bamboo spoon , then you know that you are not using too much.

Because you don't need much, one jar will last you about 30 days.

Conclusion: experience the benefits of 1 cup of matcha a day

Coffee is certainly not unhealthy, it even has certain health benefits if you don't overdo it. Everything is allowed, but in moderation.

Yet there are some adverse effects: after drinking coffee you can feel restless and experience a slump. You do not have these disadvantages when drinking matcha. Moreover, the green powder is super healthy, which is also apparent from the nutritional values.

Protect your body against free radicals, you can do that with 1 cup of matcha a day.

Why order from Joy of Matcha?

Because matcha is becoming increasingly popular, companies are responding to this, offering matcha at extremely low prices. Nowadays you can even find matcha tea in certain supermarkets. You cannot compare the quality of these brands with the matcha that is sold at real tea specialty stores.

For a good matcha you will certainly pay between 25 and 35 euros for 30 grams. Everything that is cheaper is of lower quality and you can taste it. The taste then will be very bitter and this is not how a good matcha should taste.

It is therefore better to buy your matcha from a tea specialty store, such as Joy or Matcha. We are a small family business and consciously choose quality over quantity. Our matcha is of the best quality because we only want to offer you the very best.

Try it yourself and experience the benefits for your body, order your jar of matcha via our webshop.


Nicole Schatteman said:

goede middag
dat zal nu een goede week zijn dat ik “You of Macha” gebruik – 1 à 2 X per dag
Eerst en vooral vind ik de smaak lekker – en de voordelen die u zojuist vermeld zijn goed meegenomen.
Ik vind wel dat ik een boost krijg na het drinken hiervan (nog niet helemaal overtuigd) – ik blijf deze the drinken daar ik wel overtuigd ben van de eigenschappen ervan
ondertussen heb ik 2 potjes in de kast – een nieuwe bestelling zit er voorlopig niet in – maar dat doe ik wel later

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